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Rajendra Kandalgaonkar

Creative innovation in Hindustani Classical music

"Shubh-Raj", Opp. Sai Mandeer, Sr. No. 4, Hingne Khurd



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Creative innovation in Hindustani Classical music has been the key to Rajendra Kandalgaonkar's growth as an artist. Moving into the depths of Raga, he understands and responds to the emotional environment and the nature of the Raga. As he evokes the "alaap" of raga he builds a rapport with his audience. With original thought in "layakari" and "taans", he performs with both the expected and unexpected surprises. This gives his singing a distinct and very attractive flavour.

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Shailendra kandalgaonkar Posted on 4 years 7 months ago

Raju Dada Tu Chgla gatose hyat vadach nahi.......
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ajit kuveskar Posted on 1 years 11 months ago

ajit kuveskar navacha ganpati kadhayche charges kiti
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vijay jadhav Posted on 1 years 9 months ago

Hi sir,

me tumchya kalene khup impress zalo aahe. aasa mhantat ki pratekachya navat kahi tari shubh asat. te mala tumchya kaletun aaj samjal aahe.

mala ek 1/5 varshyachi mulgi aahe. tiche nav purvi aahe. tari tya navawane mala ek art pahije hota.

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shravan Posted on 1 years 9 months ago

VAIBHAV Posted on 1 years 9 months ago


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lokesh pujari Posted on 1 years 9 months ago

he is a great artist of india might b world also i never seen that kind of name arts ever i think god ganesha and god sarsvati in his hand.. i m searching for pooja and lokesh name aarts
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Atul Posted on 1 years 7 months ago

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pankaj c shahasane Posted on 1 years 5 months ago

Hii Raj sir,

Tumche ganptiche art unique ani khupch sundar ahet.
I request you plz make name brijesh, kalan, shahasane.

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Posted on 1 years 3 months ago

premanand Posted on 1 years 1 months ago

Aapali ganpache chir mala far avadtat apan maza navache pan ganpati kathave
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